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Zenni Optical – Case Study

Case Study

Zenni Optical

About Zenni Optical

Around 12 years ago, a couple of scientists, the future founders of ZenniOptical.com, came across the wholesale eye wear industry and were shocked to discover the discrepancy between the manufacturing costs and the retail price. They embarked on a mission to bring high quality prescription glasses at affordable prices to the world. Keeping quality as the main focus, they identified the best equipment for the job. After months of research and travelling all over the country, to bypass the markups, the founders decided to build their own factory. With no “middlemen”, no retail-space overhead, and practically no advertising, they reached their goal of bringing high quality prescription glasses at affordable prices. Zenni Optical’s abundant selection of eyeglasses priced below $7, has won enthusiasts the web over!


The Challenge

Zenni’s rapid success made them quickly outgrow all aspects of their online business from website performance to the overall website user experience. With millions of shoppers visiting the site each month, browsing thousands of eye wear products,  Zenni’s old e-commerce platform, prior to Oracle Web Commerce, could not handle the capacity and was frequently crashing, resulting in a very poor brand experience, as well as limiting Zenni’s ability to continue growing.

Zenni turned to AAXIS Commerce and Oracle to deliver a new e-commerce platform with three primary capabilities: 1) The ability to handle an unlimited number of shoppers. 2) Easy to use website authoring, merchandising, promotion, and personalization tools. 3) The ability to support complex “configure-to-order” back-end functionality, while delivering an elegant, easy, user experience on the front-end.

The Solution

AAXIS Commerce designed and developed an entirely new e-commerce platform on Oracle ATG & Endeca that solved all of Zenni’s core goals. Through the use of Endeca Search and Endeca Experience Manager, business users, and the customer support teams, now have the ability to add and update site content, without having to involve IT. The new performance level and capacity of the site now scales to support ZenniOptical’s anticipated growth over the next 5 years. And Zenni now has the ability to easily manage thousands of different prescription configurations on the back-end, while allowing users to fill-out a user-friendly order form, with all relevant options being calculated dynamically and seamlessly on the front-end. It is precisely these new features that are contributing to more site traffic, higher conversion rates, increased average order sizes, as well as additional repeat customers and referrals. 

In working with Zenni’s Marketing team, AAXIS Commerce also re-designed and created most of the visual aspects of the graphic design, user experience, as well as the mobile site design. This included the new and improved Frame Fit feature, which allows a user to “try on” all frames on an image of their own face which is then automatically re-sized to align with the frames. We also designed and built the Frame Comparison feature, which allows a user to compare frames on their personal photo by color, lens shape, favorites, etc. Another great feature AAXIS created was the Dynamic Stitching of Product Images feature, which takes eyeglass images made of various elements and seamlessly stitches them into a customized image based on user options. This gives shoppers thousands of additional frame variations to look at, while greatly reducing the number of static images that need to be created on the back-end. 

The Business Results

Overall, the greatly improved, easier-to-use shopping and purchasing experience, combined with dramatically improved performance and ultra-fast page load times, is helping Zenni continue to grow and standout in the industry as a high-quality, yet affordable, eye wear provider for customers all over the globe. Here are a few of the KPIs that are showing positive business results, just two months following the implementation of Zenni’s new Oracle ATG & Endeca Web Commerce platform, compared to the same period the previous year.


Improvement of Key Performance Indicators


Total Visitor Traffic: Up 33.26%

New Visitor Traffic: Up 39.36%

Pages viewed per visit: Up 21.45%

Page Load Speeds: Up 57.52%

Transactions: Up 17.74%%

Revenue: Up 24.17%


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