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The Goal

Toshiba saw a significant opportunity to increase top-line revenue and improve customer satisfaction by improving their e-commerce customer experience.

Before working with AAXIS, Toshiba had a highly customized, yet antiquated ecommerce site that was implemented back in 1999. Toshiba was looking for advanced customer experience, merchandising and personalization capabilities, along with many advanced storefront features across the front-end and back-end.

As part of Toshiba’s core direct to consumer strategy, the organization wanted to move away from a one-size-fits-all engagement approach to being able to deliver highly personalized customer experiences that would not only help drive conversion and sales, but also elevate the overall Toshiba brand.

The Solution

AAXIS worked closely with multiple departments across the Toshiba organization, including Marketing, IT, Customer Service and Operations, to design and develop a digital commerce solution that met the needs of the overall business. The success of this solution not only involved understanding the technical challenges, but also the business challenges facing Toshiba. The AAXIS team worked closely with Toshiba to ultimately help the organization perform better online and achieve both top-line and bottom-line improvements in digital commerce.


  • Highly customizable Laptop Configurator.
  • Large-scale and highly-complex e-commerce program using on premise digital technologies.
  • Business Transformation from a shared-service order management process to in-house ERP system.
  • Developed a custom application for call center and outbound sales, allowing client to take outsource business and IT process in-house.


  • Personalization Strategy & Execution
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – UX & IA Optimization
  • SEO and Site Search Relevancy Tuning
  • Adobe Analytics, KPI Management and Adobe DTM

The Results

  • Acquisition up ~20% due to SEO enhancements within Endeca XM and improved keyword targeting.
  • Conversion rates up ~25% due to UX improvements, as well as improved site performance and reliability.
  • Conversion rates up additional ~10% due to personalization introduced 30 days post launch.
  • Retention up ~10% due to targeted upsells of related products corresponding to items in cart.
  • Revenue up 20% compared to 14% decline trending 60 days prior to launch.
  • Mobile Revenue up ~850%

What set AAXIS apart from other agencies we’ve worked with in the past was their ability to both design and execute a marketing strategy. AAXIS took things to the next level by taking ownership of figuring out how to help Toshiba perform better online. AAXIS went way beyond being simply an agency and a system integrator, they were a business partner. – Paul Collas, Director, Toshiba Direct

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