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The Goal

Toshiba saw a significant opportunity to increase top-line revenue and improve customer satisfaction by improving their e-commerce customer experience.

The Solution


  • Large-scale and highly-complex e-commerce program using on premise digital technologies.
  • Business Transformation from a shared-service order management process to in-house ERP system.
  • Developed a custom application for call center and outbound sales, allowing client to take outsource business and IT process in-house.


  • Personalization Strategy & Execution
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – UX & IA Optimization
  • SEO and Site Search Relevancy Tuning
  • Adobe Analytics, KPI Management and Adobe DTM

The Results

  • Acquisition up ~20% due to SEO enhancements within Endeca XM and improved keyword targeting.
  • Conversion rates up ~25% due to UX improvements, as well as improved site performance and reliability.
  • Conversion rates up additional ~10% due to personalization introduced 30 days post launch.
  • Retention up ~10% due to targeted upsells of related products corresponding to items in cart.
  • Revenue up 20% compared to 14% decline trending 60 days prior to launch.
  • Mobile Revenue up ~850%

What set AAXIS apart from other agencies we’ve worked with in the past was their ability to both design and execute a marketing strategy. AAXIS took things to the next level by taking ownership of figuring out how to help Toshiba perform better online. – Paul Collas, Director, Toshiba Direct

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