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About Sauder

The Sauder brand, the leading name in made-in-America, ready-to-assemble furniture, is the flagship identity of the Sauder Family Companies. Driven by value and backed by exceptional service, the Sauder brand provides environmentally-friendly furniture and storage solutions for every room in the home – delivering on the look you desire without sacrificing quality, function and budget.

The Challenge

Sauder partnered with AAXIS to perform re-platform assessment of their existing commerce system over to ATG. The company then solicited the need to address fundamental issues that their e-commerce was lacking, or could improve upon. Their main objective was how they could service their customers online more effectively and increase online sales. The critical issues and improvements that were identify in the old e-commerce system was as follows:

  • Slow site performance during peak business hours at the highest site traffic. As a result of this, the client’s call-center would often have to fulfill those orders over the phone, and thus increasing sales cost.
  • Increase the amount of online order to help lower sales cost, and provide relevant show and order information to the client in almost real-time.
  • Site navigation and complicated checkout process lead to customer frustration, and increase in call-center or manual ordering intervention.
  • The need to provide more relevant content to customers and reducing the amount of time spent during the purchasing process.
  • To be able to handle outside catalogs and orders, including 3rd party vendors, online. This will help reduce the need for their customer to make offline orders with the vendors directly.
  • Create an interface for external sites to seamlessly log into the e-Commerce site without having to perform a separate login.

The Solution & Results

  • Actionable recommendation for executing re-platforming strategy.
  • Provided SWOT analysis around re-platforming initiative.
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