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The Goal

Razer had recently launched a new website and began to see a significant drop in sales due to declining conversion rates on both desktop and mobile. Razer contacted AAXIS to help them identify what specifically was causing sales to drop and then to redesign specific user experiences throughout the site to improve conversion rate optimization to above normal levels.

The Solution

  • Identify the top goals of site visitors, in terms of what they were looking for and how they were able to find or not find the information they wanted.
  • Perform a holistic site usability audit using data tools such as Google Analytics and Crazy Egg heat maps.
  • Detailed page-level analysis of how users were interacting with the homepage, key landing pages, category pages, product pages, comparison pages, shopping cart and checkout pages.
  • UX and UI redesign of key navigation, category pages, product detail pages, product comparison pages, add-to-cart layout, shopping cart and the checkout experience.

The Results

  • Total sales up due to improved checkout design from the product detail page and each step in the checkout process.
  • Conversion rates up due to better calls to action throughout the site, creating important queues for users to be able to navigate where they want to go.
  • Average Order Values up due to better placement of cross-sells in product pages and shopping cart.
  • Lower # of clicks required to add products to cart by adding “add to cart” links to products merchandised on the homepage, category pages and product comparison pages.
  • Lower Cart abandonment through the purchase funnel by simplifying some of the information required and repositioning the layout of key information factors.
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