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Beachbody – Case Study

Beachbody Implements a PIM Solution to Manage Data

About Beachbody

Beachbody was founded in 1998 to help maintain the co-founder’s health and fitness, and find a solution for the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. Since then, Beachbody’s DVD-based fitness programs, easy-to-follow diet plans, nutritional supplements, and extensive coaching network have provided fitness, nutrition and weight-loss programs to over 20 million customers.

Currently, Beachbody’s annual sales exceed one billion dollars. They employ over 800 associates and have over 350k independent distributors. On average, their digital platforms have over five million unique visits each month.

The Challenge

Data that is inconsistent across platforms can increase the costs and risks associated with data management. Issues for companies who don’t have a PIM system include

  • Increased product returns
  • Errors across channels are difficult to correct
  • Increased numbers of imperfect shipments
  • Lower customer satisfaction and revenue growth
  • Inconsistency of data information across business units and applications contributes to company-wide inefficiency
  • Incomplete or inaccurate product records

Beachbody faced multiple challenges without a centralized PIM solution. The workflow for product creation, updating and correction was manual. Beachbody’s business units were working in silos with decentralized data. Product data was managed manually on spreadsheets which often led to inaccuracies duplicated in multiple locations. SKU variations were also created manually. The lack of a system master for product data regularly led to multiple, costly data-originated issues. Reporting discrepancies were commonplace which muddied merchandising decisions.

The Solution

AAXIS Commerce worked with the Beachbody team to identify and understand existing data issues. Based on their needs, Aaxis designed and implemented a flexible, leading PIM solution, Informatica’s Master Data Management, designed to address all of Beachbody’s critical data issues successfully. Internal Users now have the ability to add, update and correct product data in a centralized data master system and without involving IT. Data now has a system of record and is no longer manually managed with spreadsheets (and the mistakes that were caused).

The Business Results

Centralized data has enabled internal and external users to create, maintain and reference accurate, complete data that is consistent across department and platforms. This has led to a reduction in the amount of time associates spend in data workflows and the data in reports are now more consistent for more precise merchandising decisions.

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