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The Goal

Beachbody was founded in 1998 to help find a solution for the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. Today, Beachbody’s annual sales exceed one billion dollars.

Beachbody faced multiple challenges without a centralized PIM solution. The workflow for product creation, updates and corrections was manual.

Beachbody’s business units were working in silos with decentralized data. Product data was managed manually on spreadsheets which often led to inaccuracies duplicated in multiple locations. The lack of a system master for product data regularly led to multiple, costly data-originated issues. Reporting discrepancies were commonplace which muddied merchandising decisions.

The Solution

  • Design and implement a flexible, leading PIM solution, Informatica’s Master Data Management, designed to address all of Beachbody’s critical data issues successfully.
  • Allow internal users to have the ability to add, update and correct product data in a centralized data master system and without involving IT.
  • Assign all data a system of record and eliminate manually managed with spreadsheets.
  • Reduce product returns
  • Create a consistency of data information across business units and applications.

The Results

  • Revenue growth, due to higher customer satisfaction
  • Margins increased, due to a reduction in product returns
  • Reduced costs, due to higher number of accurate shipments.
  • Reduced website operational costs, due to more accurate product data across the organization.
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