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The Goal

Affymetrix, Inc. is a manufacturer DNA microarrays, now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Affymetrix saw an opportunity to increase revenues by leveraging more digital commerce capabilities in their order and customer communication processes. Shortly after acquiring two biotech companies, Affymetrix also wanted to consolidate all three company websites into one integrated ecommerce platform, allowing Affymetrix Merchandisers to manage and sell products from single online store.

The Soution

  • Replatform on Oracle Commerce
  • Single consolidated product catalog – Maximized opportunities to up-and-cross- sell to new and existing Customers
  • Support for multiple languages, foreign currencies, and locale-based catalog restrictions – Decommissioned existing disparate e-commerce systems that were built to specifically serve a local market, e.g., U.S., U.K., Germany, China and Japan.
  • Custom price lists and promotions – Able to support new and existing B2C and B2B Customers who have negotiated contracts with Affymetrix
  • Saved Shopping Carts / Reorder – One click ordering process for Customers who repeat orders regularly
  • Online order status – Allows Customers to receive updates along the fulfillment process, alleviating the need to contact Affymetrix Customer Support Department for basic questions about the status of the order placed online, e.g., estimated ship date, no inventory, cancelled, etc.
  • Email saved carts
  • Seamless integration to existing website
  • Single sign-on experience
  • Real-time order integration with back office JDE system
  • Customer service order management

The Results

  • Online Revenues increased to due improved website experience and added shopping functionality, all of which improved conversion rates.
  • Order sizes increased, due to improved search and merchandising capabilities.


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