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Affymetrix – Case Study

Case Study

About Affymetrix

After pioneering the microarray technology used to publish more than 20,000 scientific papers, Affymetrix is evolving into a provider of scalable, innovative genomic analysis tools and reagents for discovery, exploration, validation, and genetic testing. The acquisitions of Panomics and USB bring high-throughput, multi- to single-gene assays and premium-value molecular biology reagents to our customers, enabling a complete solution for genome-wide analysis studies and a range of products for cellular and protein analysis studies.

The Challenge

Recognizing the critical role their B2B site was playing in driving sales and educating customers about products, Affymetrix turned to AAXIS Commerce to develop a new commerce platform on ATG. Affymetrix needed a new commerce solution designed to improve the overall shopping experience, in an effort to drive more traffic, increase conversions and AOV, drive repeat purchases, and improve operational efficiency in customer service, as well as back-office processes.

The Solution & Results

  • Created personalized up-sell and cross-sell merchandising functionality, leading to higher conversion rates and increased AOV.
  • Dramatically simplified site operations and content management, by consolidating existing global commerce sites for the U.S., U.K., Germany, China and Japan.
  • Designed new commerce platform to work seamlessly with legacy customer database and contracts system, thereby eliminating months of additional migration work and unwanted process change.
  • Designed one-click ordering process for Customers who repeat orders regularly, resulting in higher conversion rates and repeat purchases.
  • Developed automated email system within ATG to update customers regarding order status and delivery dates, which significantly reduced customer service calls and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Developed “collaborative buying” capability, allowing multiple users to add items to a single order. (Common practice in scientific B2B community.)
  • Integrated commerce store with existing CMS used to serve corporate information and allows Customers continued access to a large knowledgebase of scientific information.
  • Developed custom Order Management System (OMS) within ATG, which gave Customer Service Representatives the ability to route and service online orders.
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