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Experience Design

We believe e-commerce experiences should follow a user-centered design philosophy, which focuses on making it easy for users to find products and make purchases, while still connecting with the emotional side of your brand.

Areas Of Expertise

Graphic Design

Making your brand come alive online, while optimizing the e-commerce shopping experience.

Our creative teams are e-commerce oriented, human-centered designers that aim for that perfect balance between aesthetics and proper commerce functionality, down to the precise size, color and placement of that add-to-cart button.

In conjunction with our UX (User Interface) & IA (Information Architecture) teams, our creative designers have decades of combined experience bringing your brand identify and style to life in the digital space.


Mobile & Responsive Design

Optimizing the e-commerce experience for all touch-points in no longer an option, but a must have.

AAXIS includes response designs, in all e-commerce sites we build, to support browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. We understand that today’s consumers expect to have an omni-channel experience that allows them to start the purchase process on one type of device and complete the purchase on another, which our responsive designs deliver. Additionally, we empower you to centralize all the tasks around site management, product management, and business-driven personalized site experiences, without having to re-create those experience for each separate devices or touch-point.


User Interface Design

Good user interface design should be simple, intuitive and facilitate the goals of your e-commerce site.

At the heart of all successful e-commerce sites is a navigational flow and information architecture that simply works. During an e-commerce project, our user experience and information architect experts work closely with both business stakeholders and IT to design wireframes, workflows, search taxonomies, and navigational structures that serve as the foundation for an effective, easy-to-use, conversion-optimized site.

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Information Architecture

The key to good IA is creating an easy to use, intuitive structure, while also factoring in other important needs such as maintainability, scalability and even SEO.

Our information architects are experts in the e-commerce space, able to bring best practices around how to organize and structure navigation, search, checkout flows, etc. Let us help you leverage the full potential of the Oracle Web Commerce platform by utilizing the key features of ATG, Endeca, and Webcenter Sites and ensuring your platform is designed for optimal usability and performance.


Wire frames & Prototyping

We strive to facilitate an e-commerce design process that surfaces the best ideas and accurately captures the nuances of what we need to accomplish with the finished site.

Wireframing and prototyping are key for not only ensuring the details of your site requirements are captured, but we see this as an important practice for generating new ideas, collaborative thinking, and being able to visualize highly abstract, yet critically important design concepts that need your decision.


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