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VTEX manages thousands of online stores globally, billions of dollars in transactions and more than 8.000 platform enhancement deployments per year.

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VTEX Overview


Empowered by endless extensibility with our full commerce comprehensive solution. Our continuous deployment system guarantees more than 8.000 updates per year with zero downtime.

  • Offer customers a premium omni-channel shopping experience while boosting the growth potential of your business
  • A/B testing capabilities, 301 redirects or integrated solutions that consult our API directly (AngularJS, CORS, etc.)
  • Segment content based on navigation criteria, pre-defined/specific dates, campaigns, keywords, origins, and an array of other specifications
  • Customize product, category, search pages and develop new extensions front-end solutions to create unique experiences


  • Free XML/JSON development only through dashboard configuration ensures seamless integration with partner tools and remarketing to boost traffic.
  • Segmentation and customer based clusterization functionality, native integration with Google Tag Manager.
  • Reminding customers that they did not complete checkout or send them welcome, after-sales and we miss you triggers with special offers.
  • Tailored dashboards bring the insights you need to support your business needs to operate at peak performance.


  • Click-origin, purchase history and navigation behavior become the bedrock of campaigns that engage customers and encourage repeat visits.
  • The platform analyzes and insights like UTM’s, clusters, shipping and order value before determining the optimal discount based on financial targets
  • Apply a percentage or nominal discounts on products and shipping or implement gifts to attract new customers.
  • Complete solution of coupons and gift vouchers to increase loyalty and customer retention.

Smart Checkout

  • 21% increase in conversion rates and a significantly lower rate of shopping cart abandonment.
  • Native integration via user authentication for Facebook and Google, or an email with a token.
  • Our abandoned cart recovery feature with fully customized capability. Define period, templates and promotions for each scenario.
  • Offer the same experience for desktop or mobile,with all the customization required via front-end.


  • Organize and manage product catalogs, category trees, SKUs, product details, attributes, images, brands and suppliers in an easy-to-navigate, centralized framework.
  • Guide selling process that lets you target buyer preferences, deliver relevant product recommendations and promote, cross-sell, or up-sell items.
  • Further bolster customer engagement with product ratings, reviews and relevant content.
  • Centralize all channels whether B2B, B2C, B2E, Marketplaces, desktop or mobile in one single platform and dashboard.

Order Management

  • Logs, interactions, and workflows make it easier than ever to manage and track customer orders.
  • Extract sales reports with a single click to your email or integrate with other solutions like BI or CRM
  • Configure, edit and create customized messages for your clients. Use VTEX CMS to see how each message can be set up on each device to ensure all information is configured.
  • In case of divergence of value orders, carry out the change of the order value directly with just a few clicks.


  • The platform integrates with external systems including warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS)
  • Offering delivery options that support your customer’s needs while offering the optimal combination of time and cost
  • Determine scheduled deliveries according to customer preference, determining delivery periods, available days and their respective prices.
  • Natively ready to work with droppshipping or crossdocking, lowering costs and increasing sales.

Infrastructure & Web API

  • Empowers process automation and extensibility via an OpenAPI layer and open-source SDKs
  • High-performance servers with high-speed internet connections to keep your site up and running at all times
  • Allows you to meet huge access demands to your site, while continuous deployments provide daily updates without the downtime
  • The best in class:Amazon Web Services, Content Distribution Network, Cache, NoSQL Database, Failover , Disaster Recovery and Backup.

Contact AAXIS to learn more how the VTEX solution can work for you.

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