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    Intelligent Behavioral Analytics

How Can AAXON Help My Business?

AAXON’s Intelligent Behavioral Analytics give Marketers and Merchandisers specific insights and blueprints to create targeted, personalized experiences across web, mobile, site search, email and more. This results in more relevant experiences for your customers and better conversions and customer lifetime value for your business.

AAXON is scheduled for release in July 2018.
Register below and we will notify you when AAXON is available.

AAXON Capabilities & Services

AAXON tracks your customer’s online behavior and uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to interpret what customers are looking for and what customers are interested in.

AAXON then provides your existing digital technology ecosystem with specific insights and instructions for how to target customers with personalized content, offers and products across multiple channels.

Anonymous Visitor

Create personalized, conversion-improving experiences, across web, mobile, site search, and email, based on the buying intent signals from your anonymous visitors.


  • Personalize content, products and promotions to your anonymous users.
  • Collect anonymous user buyer intent patters over time and improve personalization relevancy with each visit.
  • Gain insight into new user segments to help drive your content strategy.

Site Search &
Merchandising Optimization

Use business driven rules to control which products get promoted in site search and identifying opportunities to improve search faceting and site navigation.


  • Allow users to find products that match their interests quicker and more easily.
  • Enable merchandizers to promote products based on business rules, such as inventory, margin, time on site, etc.
  • Empower merchandizers to predict when products will sell out and react accordingly to maximize sales opportunities.

Recurring Purchase

Intelligently re-market to customers at the optimal time in their preferred channel, with personalized product recommendations based on interest and past purchases.


  • Design automated, intelligent re-marketing programs to drive customers back to your site to purchase products they’ve shown interest in and products related to items they’ve already purchased.
  • Get more from your existing marketing automation technology by using AAXON insights to automate what audiences to target, with what content, at what moment, across email, SMS, etc.

Site Integrity
Health Monitor

Receive alerts about merchandising errors across your site, such as broken images, broken links, stock-outs, slow page loads, checkout errors, missing info and more.


  • Auto-pinpoint site errors causing missed sales.
  • Maintain consistent, quality experiences that protect your brand.
  • Proactively fix quality issues related to products.
  • Automate site integrity checks at high scale, instead of relying on ad-hoc, manual efforts.

AAXON Core Technologies

Machine Learning

AAXON discovers hidden insights about your customer’s buying behavior using ML and predictive statistical models. Machine learning allows us to run millions of scenarios against your unique data and quickly turn data patterns into actionable tasks tailored to your unique needs.

Artificial Intelligence

AAXON applies AI techniques to continuously improve the relevancy of shopping experience over time. Using its trained neural networks, AAXON can take your raw user behavior data and produce tactical answers to complex data questions.

AAXON Analytics Engine™

AAXON’s Analytics Engine™ translates raw experience data into specific instructional blueprints for you to improve multiple aspects of both the front-end user engagement components and the back-end operational components that define customer experience as a whole.

How Do I Get Started?


Step 1

Add AAXON Listener

  • Add the AAXON Listener JavaScript snippet to your site to start sending anonymous usage data to your AAXON account.
  • The AAXON snippet uses asynchronous JavaScript that passes encrypted data to Amazon EC2 web services. In short, your website will not experience any performance impacts and your data will remain completely safe, secure and private.

Step 2

Review Your Priorities

  • Meet with the AAXON data experts to review what specific data insights will drive incremental revenue for your business.
  • Review your organizations immediate priorities and challenges regarding mid-funnel and bottom-funnel KPI improvements.
  • Review you most pressing unanswered “big data” questions about your customers, products and user experience.

Step 3


  • Once your site data starts flowing into AAXON, our team of data scientists and marketing statisticians will begin to fine tune AAXON’s algorithms to match your organizations statistical thresholds.
  • Review AAXON’s statistical correlation and causation metrics across your customer, behavior, product and promotion data.
  • Formulate data-driven experience improvement insights and design a series of activation plans to present to you.

Step 4

Insight Activation

  • Meet for a day session to review key initial insights and plan for activating our findings.
  • AAXON activation involves applying insights and recommended improvements to your existing digital platforms.
  • You can apply AAXON insights or work with the AAXIS team to deploy.
  • AAXIS recommends using an A/B multivariate testing tool such as Optimizely, Google Optimize, etc.

AAXON Availability

AAXON is scheduled for release in July 2018.
Register below and we will notify you when AAXON is available.

Why The Name AAXON?

An AXON (from Greek áxōn) is a nerve cell in the brain that conducts electrical impulses known as action potentials. The function of the axon is to transmit information to muscles in the body. In a similar way, AAXON transmits information to your technology ecosystem, allowing you to engage your customers in a more intelligent, relevant manner.

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