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As Digital Transformation Experts, we enable our clients to grow revenue by delivering the most relevant and helpful customer experiences possible, via effective strategy, design and technology execution.

AAXIS’ collective team of digital experts can help you define your digital strategy and plan-of-action, take care of all your digital technology needs, and work with you in any capacity to drive your ongoing digital marketing efforts with amazing results.

  • Digital Business Cases & ROI Planning
  • Customer Experience & Content Strategy
  • Audience Segmentation & Discovery
  • Journey Mapping & User Personas
  • Creative Design
  • UX Design & Information Architecture
  • Mobile & Responsive Design
  • Personalization
  • Cross-channel Attribution
  • Omni-Channel Design

  • On-premise: Oracle ATG & Endeca, IBM WebSphere, SAP hybris, Commerce Tools
  • Cloud: Oracle Commerce Cloud, Big Commerce, VTEX
  • Mobile Apps
  • Oracle BlueKai, Responsys, Maxymiser, Eloqua
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics, Google360
  • Maxymiser, Optimizely, VWO, Google Optimize.
  • Java, Node.js, Angular, React, HTML5, CSS3, Full-Stack
  • Systems: PIM, DAM, ERP, CRM, SSO, ESB, System Performance Optimization

  • Programmatic & RTB Optimization
  • Paid & Organic Search Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Machine Learning, AI & Predictive Analytics
  • Personalization Optimization
  • Merchandising Optimization
  • Site Search Optimization
  • Day-to-day Website Operations
  • Email Campaign Management

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toshiba logoToshiba executives Kathy Wilbur and Paul Collas discuss the success of their ecommerce initiative and how AAXIS’ ability to provide thought leadership across technology, digital marketing and strategic consulting was instrumental in driving real business results for the organization.

“What set AAXIS apart from other agencies we’ve worked with in the past was their ability to both design and execute a marketing strategy. AAXIS took things to the next level by taking ownership of figuring out how to help Toshiba perform better online.” – Paul Collas, Director, Toshiba Direct

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